Leading Up To Last Years VS Show : Hollywood Life

Leading Up To Last Years VS Show : Hollywood Life

Wednesday 23rd

My husband and I travelled to central Pennsylvania (where his family is from) last night, and I love waking up in the country! Every morning I like to start my day with a fifteen minute, non-negotiable meditation, followed by a light yoga sequence. I find it centers me and gives me a little glow for my day. Today we are headed to some local farms to get super fresh vegetables for thanksgiving tomorrow!

Thursday 24th

Thanksgiving! Six days before the Victoria's Secret show I can indulge a little, but can't go too nuts. I like to start my days out here in the country with a four mile run through gorgeous country side. After my morning meditation I find the run centers me, and gets me excited for the rest of my day! 

Being a vegan my approach for all meals is to fill up on vegetables. So my contribution to our family thanksgiving is a few trays of roasted veggies. I like to make them with rosemary, thyme and olive oil. Then I follow them with a slice of my husbands grandmas apple pie - it's vegan and my favorite! 

Friday 25th

Back to the city we go. My beauty regimen is ultra moisturizing this time of year - my skin gets so dry otherwise! I like to cleanse and tone with Dr Hauschka, followed by mad hippie vitamin C serum, and then I moisturize with Rose Day Cream Light by Dr Hauschka. I finish with bio-oil. It's a lot, but I'm not taking any chances! Plus I'm not mad at the glow all this work gives me.

Saturday 26th

Today I am getting in my final workout with my trainer who i adore. I have been training at Body By Simone - they have gyms in both NYC and LA and I am obsessed. My trainer Alice and I do a combination of dance cardio and resistance training, and my body has never looked better. This year leading up to the show I have been focusing on more strength training than cardio, and I have really enjoyed the time and energy I have since stopping the hard cardio! I highly recommend checking out a class.

Sunday 27th

I am so excited! Today is the day that we all hop on the Victoria’s Secret jet and fly to Paris. I wake up at 4:30 from excitement, and can’t sleep another wink. So I start my hair and makeup a little early. Today I want to look natural and pretty - so I start with a Nars foundation, followed by a Charlotte Tilbury highlighter across my lids and cheekbones, and end with a thin liquid eyeliner and mascara by Shu Emura. Hair-wise I straighten the kinks out of the ends and add a little dry shampoo at my roots for texture. Then I am ready to roll! We all gather at the plane, take our photos, and fly to Paris.

On the flight I make sure to drink a lot of water to eliminate any bloating at the other end, and zone out a little watching the OC. Such a guilty pleasure of mine!

Monday 28th

Today I am jet lagged, and didn’t sleep well. We arrived late last night, and I was too excited to get a proper nights rest. So I take myself outside and do a light run along the Seine to wake myself up. Then I make myself a protein shake using the metagenics advanced protein shake, and have a soy latte to give me a little energy. Whilst traveling and working so much I make sure to keep my vitamin game strong. I take Triphala and probiotics for my digestion, and I also take Algae oil,  Bio-cell collagen and Dermaval supplement. I am pretty obsessed with this product; it really makes my skin glow and I make sure I take it every morning. I also take  ALA and vitamin C for the antioxidants whilst traveling. I normally don’t bother with these unless I know I am going to be exhausted. At night it is more chilled - I just take a magnesium and vitamin B complex. It is a lot, but I find it helps me stay on my game!

Tuesday 29th

I get a lie in and am so relieved about it. My husband arrived yesterday and we spend the morning playing backgammon and drinking coffee in bed. I then do a light workout in my room using ankle weights and resistance bands. I like to do Body By Simone exercises off their DVD whilst traveling; you can do it from your hotel room and they really are effective. I then go and get my oxygen facial and a light spray tan organized by Victoria’s Secret. Then it is rehearsal time. I like having a rehearsal the night before - it is a nice chance to get used to the runway and your shoes again. The set looks AMAZING - I am really starting to get excited now! 

Wednesday 30th 

Today is the day I have been gearing up for for the last five months! I am so excited! I let myself sleep in for as long as possible, then I do a light ab workout in my hotel room from my trusty BBS DVD. I don’t want to work too hard, I still want energy for the runway. I just want my abs to get some pump… The hours and hours in the gym has been done! Plus it helps my brain get ready for whats to come. 

We all pile into a bus and it is hair, makeup and media for eight hours straight. Two shows fly by in a haze of excitement. I mostly hang out with two of my close friends Keke and Kelly. We are all staying together in Paris after for a few days, for chilling, eating and drinking, and we are all so excited!

There is no other feeling in the world than doing this show. I have been modeling for a very long time, and it is a career highlight of mine for sure. I am so honored to be a part of the show again - it is so exciting! Onto the after party, and I enjoy the afterglow of such an exciting event. I am exhausted though and bail out after a few hours to our hotel, where my amazing husband has dark chocolate covered strawberries and vegan pizza waiting for me.