Bridget Bites : Hair Color

Bridget Bites : Hair Color


Hello. You are simply one of the most beautiful women on this earth, outwardly and also seemingly inwardly as well. The way you live is so inspirational. My ask is about your hair: as I scanned through previous posts I saw one from when you were 16 years old. You are gorgeous now, but the brunette hair was just stunning (not to mention how you could be so beautiful at 16). Is the current blonde your choice, or is that preferred for your modeling assignments?


Aww thank you for being so sweet! My natural hair color is much darker than my current blonde; I am naturally nearly a brunette. I decided to go blonde as I was just curious – and I really like it. I find it lifts my features a bit, and a lot of clients prefer me blonde over brunette. I am the world’s laziest beauty person though, and I like to get bleached as infrequently as possible. So my amazing hairdresser (Michael Angelo at Wonderland Beauty Salon!) arranges the sections in a way that allows for when it grows out a bit, it looks natural. Thank god for him.

Thank you for your kind words!