How do I become a model?

Look online at the agencies offered in your area, reach out via email or attend an open call if they offer them. They will often ask you to then send in a set of photos – a headshot and a body shot. Keep it simple, wear a tank top and jeans, no makeup and clean hair, and they can be taken on an iphone. 



What do you eat in a day?

I can’t answer this question because every day is different. I eat all kinds of different foods. The only thing that is consistent is that they are wholefoods, plant based, vegan foods.



Why did you go vegan?

I grew up in a household of meat eaters, and I always had no problem with eating animals as a child. But the older I got the less enthused I was about it, and I began going back and forth with vegetarianism. Then one day I watched a series of documentaries on the PETA website, and that was it for me. I went vegan overnight, and have never looked back! 



What does your daily routine look like?

Again, this is a hard question for me to answer, as no two days are the same for me! The only things that are consistent are my workouts, my meditation practice, and my plant-based diet. 



How do you work out?

I like to change my routine constantly – I bore easily and absolutely hate gyms. In a week I will do a blend of outdoor running, hiking or surfing, along with strength training (I love Body By Simone and megareformer workouts). I have also recently begun to focus on rest days – I include about two a week, especially when I am particularly sore, and I always get my 10K steps in. To me recovery is key, and I love getting regular massages, sauna's and floatation tank sessions in. I work out my mind by meditating daily, and one day I will levitate.