Bridget Bites : Skincare

Bridget Bites : Skincare


Hi Bridget, I'm from Montenegro and I'm 18 years old. I am going to music academy and I play piano and violin, and I know that you play oboe (:fistbump:) and thats so cool. Anyways I follow you on instagram and I noticed that your skin is glowing, it's perfect. So what do you drink/eat and what products do you use to maintain good skin? Lots of love. :*


Hi! Oboe is life 😃 So glad you are studying classical music! I love it so much, and really miss having that constant in my life. Enjoy it! And thank you for your kind words.

I am very much of the opinion that you are what you eat, and that when you eat well and take care of yourself, it shows on your face. First off; I am an avid drinker of water. Boring I know, and not exactly ground breaking, but it really works. I try to hit a gallon a day, and can tell when I don’t have enough. As far as food goes – I eat an unprocessed vegan diet. This means mostly fruit and vegetables, and I really eat a high volume and a wide variety. Vegetables are the main part of my meals. I also focus big time on natural fats (fats as unprocessed as possible) and getting the right ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6. I love to have hemp and flax seeds in my morning smoothie, and am very loyal to the Vega One meal replacement shake; it has 1.5 grams of Omega 3’s, which is awesome! I love to eat nuts and avocado daily, and cook my vegetables in olive oil. Fat is not the enemy. Neither is cacao.

I love the Reserveage line of supplements. I have been taking their ultra-collagen booster now for a few months and have really noticed a difference in my skin tone! You can get it online or in Wholefoods. I also take a daily probiotic and a turmeric and black pepper supplement.

Onto my actual skin-care products. I have tried many different products over the years, but always circle back to the Dr Hauschka brand. They really agree with my skin, and are all organic and vegan. In the AM I use their cleansing milk, followed by the clarifying toner. Then I use the mad hippie brand vitamin C serum, followed by the Dr Hauschka rose day cream light, and then bathe in their clarifying day oil. My skin tends to be quite dry and I don’t mind the slight sheen it gives me! In the evening I use the same cleanser and toner, then I use a Dr Hauschka serum. I try to let my skin breathe a bit at night, so nothing too heavy. I used to use an expensive (shall not name the brand) night serum, and found that I was washing it off in flakes in the AM, so that was a waste of money…

Disclaimer – I don’t use sunblock. I don’t burn very easily, and I prefer to avoid the sun rather than use sunblock. When I am in the sun, I love the feeling of warmth it gives me… I don’t sunbathe though. Don’t tell my mum!

A few final points. I do not smoke, my drinking is limited to special occasions, I tend to get a solid eight hours a night, I work out hard six days a week, meditate daily, use a sauna regularly and am very happy and in love. I think all these things contribute hugely to skin health. Most importantly I laugh a lot – and I look forward to embracing those smile lines when I get older!