Let’s talk about supplements. 

In an ideal world, where the soil is rich yielding a healthy crop; and where our lifestyles are based around maintaining a relaxed state, there would be no need to supplement whilst on a healthy plant based diet. However this is obviously not the case for modern life, and for the longest time I didn’t take any supplements. Full disclosure - my blood vitamin levels are consistently high, and became higher once I made the shift to be vegan. However I began to supplement this year to help with stress, sleep and recovery, and I feel that these supplements could help stress management, regardless of your eating habits.



I take this every night to help with muscle soreness and relaxation for sleep. It also helps regulate your digestive tract and manage your energy levels. I love to take epsom salt baths too - I average three a week, and after a tough workout they are unbeatable.


This is an adaptogenic herb, that I take daily to manage my response to stress and pressure. I feel that it helps calm my nerves without making me drowsy, and helps with my immune system. 


I take Maca first thing in the morning as I feel it provides me with a steady stream of energy, minus the jittery feels of coffee. It makes me feel mentally on my game.

Vitamin B complex

I also take a sub-lingual B12 supplement to be safe. Although my levels are always high, I figure better to be safe than sorry. This is to help with stress and energy levels.

High quality algae oil

This is to help combat inflammation and post workout soreness, and for brain function.