My Morning Routine

Everyone is very interested these days about how you start your day. I do feel that the way your day begins casts the energy for how your day will follow. On that note, here is how my day begins. (I drink a lot of coffee, yes.)



Wake up. Always at 6am, never with an alarm. I missed those teenage years where you can sleep in forever.



Make my first coffee of the day, and whilst it is too hot to drink I meditate for 10 minutes. I use insight timer.



Drink first coffee along with about a liter of water, and get a jump on my day, tweaking my days to do list, responding to emails and texts (people who try to contact me after 8pm don’t get a response… I make their life really fun by texting them back at this time instead)



Begin writing for this blog. I have decided to make it a habit to each morning just knock out an hour of writing, regardless of what comes out. I usually don’t have a hard time making something a habit, be it good or bad… Accompanied by another coffee.



I am not great for working out hard first thing in the morning. I have never been a person who gets a buzz off working out, or finds himself or herself energized from it. However if my day is slammed I will do a light ballet beautiful workout via skype with my trainer. This level of intensity is perfect for me – lots of stretching and just the right level of pain.  Or I will lace up my running shoes and get an early morning run in. I save the really sweaty sessions for the afternoon.



Make myself a protein shake of sorts. I like hemp seeds, banana, cacao, almonds, almond milk and kale with maca, moringa and spirulina. Or if I am running out the door, VEGA one chocolate flavor with water! I always try to leave twelve hours between dinner and breakfast and give my digestion a chance to chill.



Play a few games of backgammon with my husband. It is a ritual that we have, and we love it. This is an important time for us in the morning; we can connect with each other, discuss our days and just be together.



Do my skincare routine, (cleanse: Shu emura oil cleanser, KORA rose water toner, Vitamin C serum, Aurelia eye crème, Dr Hauschka moisturizer) grab my bag (I pack it the night before) get dressed (I pick my outfit the night before) and be on my way to either a shoot or castings. I have always packed my bag and outfit the night before (throwback to primary school – my parents used to make me do this!) and I have found it simplifies my mornings hugely. I never ever forget anything either, and at the end of the day I can come home to a very tidy house.


Every day my morning is the same. Those extra hours I get on other people in the morning are the time that I make sure I connect with what I need and myself. They are very important to me!