Bridget Bites : Short Workouts

Bridget Bites : Short Workouts


Hi Bridget! I am a new mom and trying to get back in shape. However between work, mom duties, etc., I feel like I do not have much time to fit in the workouts I did before being a mom. Do you have any workout routines that are fast yet effective that I can fit into my day? I feel like if I don't run several miles at a time then I haven't done enough and I simply just do not have enough time for that at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)


Hi! Congratulations on being a new mom!

First off, I would back off on yourself a little bit. Working out is important of course, it makes you live longer and better, and in that sense it is essential for a good life. However relying on working out to get into shape is about ten percent of the picture. The rest comes from diet and lifestyle choices.

I am not a doctor and am subsequently not familiar with the dietary requirements of a new mother, so please run this all by your doctor. But I would say first focus in this area. Make sure you are getting all your nutritional requirements with a healthy balanced diet, and stay away from refined sugars and refined carbohydrates (focus on wholegrains and starchy vegetables). Drink plenty of water, ditch the soda, and eat three times a day plus snack. Make sure to have a good source of protein at your meals, and have all the vegetables you can!

As much as you can try to get good sleep. I know this can be hard with a newborn, so do the best you can. Maybe try meditation – just ten minutes a morning can make a world of difference to my wellbeing. A good app to learn from is headspace.

As far as quick workouts go, my ultimate is jumping rope. It is such a fantastic workout that you can do anywhere. 20-30 minutes will be perfectly hard, and it torches a huge amount of calories (as well as toning every muscle in your body). You just need a six-foot ish space and a good soundtrack. Even better, get your hands on a weighted rope (try for that extra burn. When I am on location I like to do a 20-minute session whilst watching 30 rock. It makes the time pass faster!

Next I would recommend you check out some HIIT exercises online. High intensity interval training gets fast results in a shorter period of time. Try out youtube, and search how long you have to work out plus HIIT. There are loads of good things there! Some great app’s are my daily burn, and sweat with kayla itsines. They aren’t free, but the workouts are effective and condensed. My daily burn is nice and varied too, you choose the workout you want and they range from yoga to boot camp. If yoga is your thing you can definitely youtube a thirty minute vinyasa flow.

You mentioned running – maybe instead of trying to grind out low intensity miles, try incorporating some sprints and intervals in. They are exhausting, burn mad calories and can be done in a much smaller time frame. Or try putting baby in a stroller and taking them along for the run. Or walk even – I have never tried this but it sounds like a lot of hard work to me 😀

I hope one of these ideas appeals!!




Photograph | Dove Shore

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