My Week In Workouts

My Week In Workouts

I don’t really have a specific workout routine; nor do I train particularly hard in my downtime. I used to, and it made me hungry, tired, lethargic and injured. So over the years I have learned when to go hard and when to not. I also hate gyms and try to avoid workout classes as much as possible. I much prefer being outside and working out in a way that makes me forget I am being active.

What follows is a sample week of my workouts when I am moving to feel good, have fun, and relax. I do not train to lose weight anymore – I move to make my life more enjoyable. I move to get outside, get into nature, and to keep my body ticking over in a way to help me hit 100 years old (or more!!). So here you go!


First off:

  • Every day I get my 10K steps in, at least. I don’t drive, and I walk everywhere, so this is easy. I usually average around 10-15K a day

  • I am not counting meditation, which is likened to push-ups for your brain. This happens every morning.

  • I am also not counting playing piano and reading because I like to tell myself they are also mental workouts.

  • My guideline is three resistance workouts a week, two cardio, and the rest just for enjoyment

Ok, moving right along.


Paddleboard for around 1.5 hours

I love paddle boarding! If I have energy I will try some surfing on it, but my favorite thing to do is to cruise out as far as I can handle mentally and hope to hang out with some dolphins or whales. Not sharks. Never sharks.


Body by Simone

While I don’t get into their studios very often I love this workout. It is just the right amount of resistance for me, and it always leaves me sore. I either use one of their DVD’s or do my own version of it in my living room. I don’t do the dance cardio segments – I usually sub in 30 minutes of jump rope instead.


Slow 5 mile run

I never go fast and I never go further than five miles. I used to, and it resulted in a knee injury that will never quite be the same. Whenever I am on location I love to take myself on runs to see the new sights; some of my favorite memories from being on location are from my runs.


Body by Simone

Same as Tuesday. I tend to focus more on either lower or upper body, so whatever part isn’t as sore I hit today.


Paddleboard for around 1.5 hours

Same as Monday. This is a great workout without you even noticing; you get crazy sweaty, and the best part? You can jump straight in the ocean when you get too hot. I like.


Body by Simone

Usually by Saturday I am feeling a little slower, and I may sub out the rope part for stretching.



Sunday is the day for cleaning the house, hanging with friends, and doing nothing! I usually still do get my 10K steps in, just because I refuse to get my license and I love walking. My husband and I may get in a hike if the weather is good and we can be bothered. But nothing too strenuous.

And there you have my week in workouts! I never make myself work out if I feel sore or tired. I learned the hard way that listening to yourself is key to making actual progress, otherwise you just cycle between over active and injured. You need to know where your energy levels sit. I ensure to get my resistance training in as building lean muscle mass will result in an increase in metabolism; and the more muscle I build now the more I have to lose as I age. Anything cardio based has to be fun for me; if I don’t enjoy the movement, I refuse to do it. Which is why you will never catch me in a yoga studio 😀