Bridget Bites : 'Life Inspiration & Good Vibes'

Bridget Bites : 'Life Inspiration & Good Vibes'


What inspires you the most on your journey of becoming who you are? Also, what do you do to live your life at your highest vibration? P.s stay rad 😎


This is an interesting question, thank you for it!

My grandmother once said that every day she lives, she becomes more like herself, and I have always loved that sentiment. I feel like we spend our lives madly circling around ourselves; the still center being the point of our most simple, honest existence. It is the point where we are lined up with our values, and where what we say, mean and do are all in sync.

Sometimes we are miles away, and sometimes we are very close and it feels like coming home. Sometimes we do or say things that pull us away, and we can feel the ramifications viscerally in our beings. Our bodies send out signals to us, and it is our choice whether or not we tune in and make change where it is needed.  In this vein, I believe that life isn’t so much a journey of becoming who we are as it is a constant dance around what we know about ourselves, deep in our psyche, if we really pay attention.

Things that allow me a glimpse at the center stillness would be my inspiration in life. To me this is the feeling I get when I drop properly into meditation (rarely, but it only needs to happen once!), or hit mile five of a trail run and feel my body, mind and spirit just existing as one, with my inner monologue taking a backseat to enjoy the ride. It is the feeling I get when I wake up and see the one person on the planet who knows me unlike any other human smiling sleepily at me. When I am with friends who have known and loved me well before I began modeling, and when I have that feeling of connectedness with another human who thinks about things the way I do. It even comes from the dark places – from the sadness and anxiety that comes into my life, as those times act as a beacon to pay attention, something is wrong and you need to have the courage to make a change.

As far as living life to my highest vibration, I meditate, I run, I am in love, I seek out meaningful connection with other humans. I also spend a lot of time alone to recharge (I am an introvert) and I love reading about people who have changed the world. I try to get in nature as much as possible. I don’t eat things with ingredients that aren’t real, and I am learning the ability to ask for help when I am completely broken down. I am also learning to leave behind people who harm me. I guess continuing to learn and seek is a big part of my existence, as hard as it can be. I also stay far away from social media. My life is enough for me – taking on stranger’s energies tends to bring me down.

I guess the answer boils down to simplicity. When I am doing things that I love, in contact with people I love, and listening to my body and its signals, I am feeling my sense of self intensely, and letting those good vibes roll in. When I allow myself to be pulled in the wrong direction, by the wrong people I pay attention to my body’s reaction and I attempt to course correct. It takes a lot of bravery to do this, and sometimes it takes drastic changes, that may leave you feeling breathless, but life is short. You owe it to yourself to really be the person you want to be, and live a life of your joys. Fuck the rest :)


Bridget xxx