My Day on a Plate : Life Edition

My Day on a Plate : Life Edition

It has come to my attention that all my day on a plates are for when I have been deep in training mode for certain clients. This seems to have perpetuated the myth that I only eat vegetables, protein shakes and gallons of water in a day. I need to break this myth; I only exist like this for very short periods of time throughout the year! The rest of my time I eat much more varied and delicious diet. So here is a new day on a plate – non-training edition. Eeeeeeeeeenjoy!!!


Wake up, meditate. Drink about two liters of water.



Black coffee whilst writing and studying. This is my prime focus time.



Paddleboard time. I am obsessed.



Breakfast. I am never hungry first thing in the morning – shock, horror, my metabolism hasn’t crashed yet – and never have been. I guess I naturally practice intermittent fasting (I was early onto this trend, circa 1991)


Breakfast is usually either:

½ cup steel cut oats, cooked in almond milk, with a tbs each of flax and hemp seeds. I add this to about two apples chopped up and canned in nutmeg and cinnamon – my grandma keeps me hooked up in this department. She does this from scratch and I am always carrying home mason jars full of canned apples whenever I get to see her in PA. Represent. I liberally douse this in cinnamon.


Or the good old smoothie recipe:

One scoop of vega one chocolate flavor, blended with a tbs each of flax and hemp seeds, a big scoop of almond butter, handful of kale and spinach, one frozen banana , some frozen berries and almond milk.

I then eat lunch around 1:30 and dinner around 7:00. Lunch and dinner are both usually similar, either a vegetable brown rice Japanese sushi situation, teriyaki tofu, Thai curry (with sweet potato), a massive salad (this is usually more the lunch vibe), vegan tacos, roasted vegetables with tahini and lemon, tempeh stir fry etc.


The basic guidelines I have are:


Big serving of leafy greens with lunch and dinner. I have a salad at each meal.


An avocado a day. Usually around 4pm.


I will always love cherry tomatoes. So sad that summer is over and the delicious sweet ones are disappearing from our farmers market. But I still snack on these regularly.


A gallon of water a day. Easier to achieve than you may think and does wonders for your skin.


A serving of nuts a day.


A serving of beans a day.


I attempt to eat as organic as possible.


I attempt to eat my starches from vegetables such as sweet potato or beets, quinoa, brown rice or whole grain pasta.


I cook the majority of my meals.


If I want dessert I have it – usually about once a week. Pressed Juicery freeze is an amazing new discovery! But this isn’t dessert. You can’t fool me.


If I can’t recognize the word, I don’t eat it.


I am attempting to stick to two coffees a day. This is hard. Really hard. I love coffee.


I leave a large window between dinner and breakfast. Again, I am an accidental intermittent faster. I find it helps me sleep better if I am not too full, but still a little full. Goldilocks level of full.

And I think that is everything folks! I hope this helps to clear up the mystery of my diet for 98% of the year. One cannot survive on vegetables alone. Doing a low-carb diet does work for weight loss, but it certainly is not one I endorse year round.