My Favorite Stress Busters

My Favorite Stress Busters

My favorite stress busters

Stress is unfortunately a reality in our lives these days – and I am no exception to that. When I am stressed I don’t really notice it creeping up on me, but all of a sudden my body stops digesting food, and going to sleep. As I have gotten older I have learned to pay attention to these warning signs and to go easy on myself until the stressor has passed out of my life. However here are a few things that I do day to day in order to keep things under control.

1.     Meditate

I do it the second I get out of bed, and it really is the best thing for stress. I put on insight timer for 10 minutes and follow my breath.

2.     Work out

Do it every day during a stressful time! I get such a release from a good solid sweat session, and the emotional benefits are just as substantial as the physical benefits

3.     Play a game of backgammon with a loved one

I find it hard sometimes to articulate when I am feeling overwhelmed – my thoughts are usually racing in my head from stress, what a fun catch 22 – but I have found that distracting part of my brain with a game (that I am the ultimate at) helps to order my thoughts and talk clearly. It is also a nice bonding experience.

4.     Laugh!

Call your favorite people, go hang out and have a good laugh. None of us are getting out of here alive, may as well spend your time with people who are awesome.

5.     Cook

I love cooking, it makes me feel very calm and in control. I rarely use recipes; I just literally go with my gut and what tastes I want to experience that night.

6.     Write lists

I am a master list maker, every single day I have a to do list, and every single day I aim to tick off all the boxes. It helps keep me focused, and to forget as little as possible each day.

7.     Play an instrument

I obviously have my oboe background, but there is something very soothing about playing a musical instrument. It takes your brain out of life and intro the current moment – the feeling of being in flow state is quite profound and centering. If you don’t play an instrument, maybe start a few lessons. It is never too late to learn!

Most of all just breathe. This is only temporary – the passing of time is the only thing that is a guarantee in this life, we live constantly in flux. So just try to ride it out, find joy in the small things, and roll with the punches.