Bridget Bites : How I feel about non-vegans

Bridget Bites : How I feel about non-vegans

Q :

What do you think of people who are not vegan?

A :

Considering the fact that I don’t have any close vegan friends, and my husband is not a vegan, I would say that a person’s eating habits do not come close to defining my opinion of them. They don’t go around forcing their beliefs on me, they take me for who I am, and I love them for it. They have known me from well before I made the change, and are all in my life for reasons that are much more real than the choices they make about their food.

We are not defined by our dietary decisions. If there comes a day that I want to eat meat again, I will. This will not change a part of my personality, or my friendship circle, because I am much more than the food I eat, and the relationships in my life are based on love, and true knowing.

There is nothing I hate more than militant vegans. Or the petty squabbles between each of the plant-based world’s beliefs about how to eat. Who really cares if you only eat raw food, HCLF, or eschew nightshades? If your beliefs lead you to cut loved ones from your life, it feels to me like you are running from something much bigger than meat. All this fighting within the plant-based world just turns people away, and stops the majority of people from experiencing the health benefits of simply eating more plants. Who want’s to be a part of a bitchy, judging circle of people?

Life is short, and food is rad.  If people are open and curious about your lifestyle choices, then share them. But if they aren’t, that doesn’t make them not worthy of being your friend.


Peace and love,