My Eating Habits

My Eating Habits

My day on a plate habits

I get a lot of questions sent in about a typical day of eating for me, and I have always found them hard to answer. There isn’t really a typical day of eating for me! I am always traveling and all over the place, so my diet can reflect that at times. However I thought I might post the habits I follow (not rules; if I get told a food rule I will break it within seconds) on a daily basis – habits that keep me full of energy and happiness and give me enough energy to do what I need to do.


Without fail – Vega One meal replacement shake, first thing. I think I have had at least one of these a day for breakfast for about five years now (chocolate flavor). I am obsessed with this product, and love every ingredient in it, it is all vegan, plant based, organic and I know exactly what everything is in it. Plus with 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber it helps me to feel full first thing! If I am at home I will blend it with a banana and some almond milk, but if I am traveling I just mix it with water, and eat it with a spoon. People seem to find that weird…. I love it though!


I always leave 12-14 hours between my last bite of food at night, and my first bite of food in the morning. I guess you could call this intermittent fasting – but I have never really been a big breakfast person. If I eat a large breakfast I find I am starving again in a couple of hours, and in need of a nap. Leaving time for my system to wake up makes me feel good, so I do it. I am not religious about this though; if I wake up ravenous/jetlagged, I eat. Basically, if the sun is up, I eat. If it is dark, I don’t.


First thing I drink about two liters of water. This habit took a bit of training – but it is the best! I aim for just over one gallon of water a day, and if I hit two liters first thing, it puts me on track for the day. Plus it helps to re-hydrate you after a night of sleeping. I sweat a lot during the day from my training, and make sure I get enough electrolytes through Himalayan sea salt and other foods.


Every meal, the hero is vegetables. I eat a lot of them every single day. I hate our societies obsession with protein – if we were as obsessed with hitting our fiber needs, I believe the diseases of affluence would be greatly reduced. With obesity rates skyrocketing, I wonder if people will start to make the connection that getting your protein in is killing them slowly. Having said that; I do make sure that with each meal I am having a serving of tofu or beans. No steaks here – and I am yet to die of a protein deficiency! Or yet to meet any other vegans with one either for that matter…


I space my meals to around 3 hours apart. I am not a big snacker. I used to be; and I found I was hungry constantly, and obsessed with food. Once I stopped, my hunger levels and endurance improved.


… But I always carry cherry tomatoes, nuts, vegetables and hummus with me. If I am hungry and food is far away, or flying, or in a non-vegan friendly environment, I make sure I have some tomatoes to eat, and a Vega one-meal replacement shake. Just in case!


I make sure I get a serving of nuts, and of beans a day. These are life extenders, and I like life.


Nothing out of a box. I don’t eat things that aren’t real food – i.e. something I could have pulled out of the earth, or off a tree/bush/plant. I also tend to avoid refined sugars; but only because I don’t have a huge sweet tooth. My cravings have always tended towards the fried/salty end of the spectrum.


Finally, if I crave it, I eat it! I don’t subscribe to the cheat meal thing, as it tends to perpetuate the notion that some food is “naughty” and that you are “naughty” for eating it. If I want some vegan ice cream, or sweet potato fries I go for it. Life is short and food rules!

Basically, eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.


Peace and love,