Copy of Bridget Bites : What is your diet and workout?

Copy of Bridget Bites : What is your diet and workout?

Q :

Hi Bridget! Congratulations on making the VS show - all your amazing hardwork has paid off, so proud of a fellow Perth girl making it like you have. Would you post about your weekly workout routine and diet ? Any help from such a goddess like you...

A :

I get a huge amount of questions like this, asking for my weekly/daily routine and I find them very hard to answer. No two days are the same, and what works for me may not work for the next person… However here are some guidelines that I follow, and I find them to be effective for me!

1. Leave 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. It helps to make sure you have digested everything from the night before and gives your digestion a little break

2. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a night (I average around 9/10)

3. Start your day with a plant-based protein shake (I love Vega One)

4. Snack on raw fruits and vegetables only. And try not to snack at all. My go to is always cherry tomatoes, I always carry them on me!

5. Have one day a week where you relax a little on your diet. These are not cheat meals – I do not subscribe to the cheat meal concept and lifestyle. But give yourself a little break every now and again to stay sane, eat that burger!

6. Find a workout that gives you maximum gains for the least amount of energy. This is a new one for me – I used to grind cardio for hours, never see a difference and feel awful all the time. Once I shifted to resistance training I felt better, looked better and had so much more time and energy!

7. Find a workout that is fun. I hate gyms, I hate workout machines, and I hate plyometric moves. So I find boxing, dancing and running outside to be the best for me. They make me keep coming back!

I hope this helps!


Peace and love,