Bridget Bites : My skincare routine

Bridget Bites : My skincare routine


Hi Bridget, I'm from Montenegro and I'm 18 years old. I am going to music academy and I play piano and violin, and I know that you play oboa (:fistbump:) and thats so cool. Anyways I follow you on instagram and I noticed that your skin is glowing, it's perfect. So what do you drink/eat and what products do you use to maintain good skin? Lots of love. :*


Yeah, go oboe! I miss playing each day; classical music really is the best. Thank you for your kind words. 

I find that my skin looks its best when I am eating cleanly, and focusing on hydration (I aim for four liters a day - sometimes more -) and try to limit my caffeine intake. I usually go for green tea over coffee. In terms of eating I focus on eating a lot of brightly colored fruits and vegetables - think eat the rainbow (NOT SKITTLES!) Limiting refined sugar is very important for my skin; when I have been indulging a little too much, my skin is the first place to show it. I then always focus on fat intake. As a lanky vegan I do have to make sure I eat enough good fats - it keeps my nails, hair and skin strong. My favorite sources are nuts; almonds, cashews and pistachios are amazing. When I went vegan and generally cleaned up my diet, my skin got so much clearer. 

I am a firm believer that stress and anxiety are also major factors in your skin’s health, and I supplement for stress control. I don’t tend to take vitamins; I focus more on herbs and adaptogens. I exercise to release tension, meditate every morning and I love a good infrared sauna. These are the following supplements I take for skin health:

Turmeric The ultimate anti-inflammatory agent! I use the Himalaya brand

StressCare (again, Himalaya brand). This is a blend of adaptogenic herbs and plant extracts aimed to manage cortisol levels.

Ultra Collagen Booster (Reserveage nutrition). This is a skin game-changer! It is chock full of collagen and antioxidants from fruits, and I really noticed a difference about a month after I started to take it. It has Resveratrol in it too, which is the OG of anti-aging supplements. 

As far as skincare products, I like to keep it very simple. My motto is if I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on my face. In that vein I use the entire Dr Hauschka line - cleanser, toner, moisturizer. And I like to use the Mad Hippie vitamin C serum in the morning before my moisturizer! When I fly I slather my face in bio-oil.


Lots of love!