Kora! My Latest Skincare Obsession

Kora! My Latest Skincare Obsession

I have recently been having some skin issues (mostly breakouts, dryness and dullness) and decided to shake up my regimen. I had previously been keeping it very minimal – just coconut oil, and Dr Hauschka cleansing milk. In the past I got way too involved with products, layering serums, creams, and who knows what else, and it all got to be too much for me. So it felt great to strip it all back and give my skin a chance to find a bit of balance. But after a few months the coconut oil was clogging my pores and not really doing the job of hydrating well enough (damn you winter!), so it was time to find a new night treatment, and day cream.

Enter Kora!

I have liked Kora products for a while – they are organic, thoughtfully produced by a beautiful human (literally, Miranda Kerr) and they look gorgeous. The rose mist in particular has been my best friend whilst flying for a while now. However my skin had never really clicked with the creams and oils, as they were all a little heavy for my skin type. But that all changed with her new line of products. They are absolutely perfect on my skin – they go on easily, the consistency is perfect, my skin absorbed them quickly and my little breakouts went away. Plus I am digging that glow.

The product's that most impressed me are her noni glow balm, for face and for body. I love the use of coconut oil and noni, two extremely good for you ingredients. Coconut oil is anti microbial which is perfect when your job involves a lot of other peoples fingers and products on your face. Plus the packaging means the product rolls on – I have never liked using my fingers to apply skin care. The final result was a glow but not a sticky sheen like I had come to expect from coconut oil. I use it day and night, and my skin texture is improving daily!

I have also been using her rose heart chakra aromatherapy oil and rose face mist. I absolutely hate all perfume; they have always given me a headache and left me feeling ill. But this is gorgeous – smells like rose (duh) and makes me feel grounded and connected. Rose is a holy scent after all, and whilst I am not Catholic it definitely feels good to literally smell love.

I am completely sold 😀 You can buy her products here:
koraorganics.com/collections/all  - and for the record, this is not a paid advertisement. I am just that obsessed! I like having good skin!




Photograph | Dove Shore

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