Bite Sized Saturday

Bite Sized Saturday


I finally found myself an old Akubra,

and I have been wearing it constantly. Never forget your roots. I bought it in a tiny town en-route to San Francisco on the PCH last week, and I thought I had died and gone to Kalgoorlie.


My ratatouille recipe.

I have been eating this nightly and cannot get enough. I am not sure about people who choose to eschew nightshades – at this rate I am part nightshade. In more ways than one.


The website

- I have been reading it daily for years and I like their little articles on wellness. Some of it gets a touch woo-woo for me, but for the more part, 10/10!


Watching the sunrise.

Every morning I am up at around 5am, and I have taken to sitting in our yard, drinking coffee, writing, and watching the sun do its thing. That sun has got it going on.


Playing piano.

I used to take lessons growing up – but I wanted something that nobody could help me with, so I took up the oboe instead. Turns out literally nobody could help me with that (be careful what you wish for) but we just got an amazing old upright that Gershwin played on. I have been cranking out some Chopin on it and it makes me happy. Got to chase that flow state!