Bite Sized Saturday

Bite Sized Saturday


Stand up paddle boarding.

I have dabbled in surfing, but find this to be so much more my speed. Nathaniel and I have been going each morning, and while he surfs I cruise around. My first morning I saw three dolphins! Love it. Also I saw a shark yesterday. This one may not last…



Having friends to stay.

We just finished a few months where we had loved ones staying nearly weekly. It has been so nice! People rule!




These are so good… Yesterday I had avocado in sushi, summer rolls, and on toast. Today I intend to do the same.



Summertime vegetables in general.

Cherry tomato’s in the summer, from the farmers market, straight into my stomach AMIRIGHT




We went out Thursday night with a bunch of friends. I still hurt from that night, but dancing is the best.