Bite Sized Saturday

Bite Sized Saturday



I love this product more than words! My husband and I both eat this daily, and are extremely loyal customers. The chocolate flavor is best.


Sturgill Simpson.

This man is an incredible singer and songwriter – the first country vibes singer I have ever enjoyed. We just got tickets to go see him in LA, and you should all check out his latest album! Then check out the two before.


Coconut oil.

I have been having a few small infections on my face that I got given an extremely potent cream for. After a few weeks nothing had happened except my skin got burned?! So I started using coconut oil instead and it actually has really helped! All my skin is looking better. This is good.


The app Radiooooo.

This app lets you choose an era, a vibe and a part of the world, then plays music from that category. I am constantly stuck in Turkey, fast and weird, in the 70’s. Yemen has provided some extremely good results too.


The TV show Fargo.

Damn this is good. It stresses me out, but DAMN THIS IS GOOD