My Morning Routine : LA Edition

My Morning Routine : LA Edition

I feel like the way you decide to start your day really sets you up for the energy you put out. If you hit snooze five times, then sprinted out the door to work, your day may feel stressed and rushed. I also find waking up and heading straight for the coffee and social media sets me up to feel slightly insane and out of my life experience. In that vein I try to do most of the things below every single day; with a life as random as mine a little consistency and mindfulness goes a long way. I have recently been spending more time in LA, and subsequently have discovered a host of new wellness supplements. As a working model finding the perfect balance of relaxation and energy is important, and I am constantly tweaking my herbal game to find it. My morning routine below is based on my ideal day – of course every day is different, but every morning my meditation routine is non-negotiable.

6:00am – wake up. I have always been a morning person, and am seemingly unable to sleep past 7:00. I never need my alarm either – if I have a 5am call time my body wakes up just before my alarm. Weird.

6:05am – meditate. I sit down in the living room, and follow my breath for fifteen minutes. I like to use the app insight timer; and I love the way it tells you how many days in a row you have meditated. I am competitive by nature, so I like beating my records! I then follow this with a spoonful of coconut cult yogurt. It is an amazing probiotic; worth the stupid price tag in my eyes.

6:30 – I have my morning coffee which I mix with Cordyceps and Chaga mushrooms, while wandering around our house watering the plants. I am on a mission this year to keep my plants alive.

7:30 – My husband usually surfs while I go for a super chilled run. I have always loved running, but I make an effort to limit my miles… Never more than five miles on pavement, otherwise I destroy myself for my day. Plus I am a straight up cruiser – people walking can pass me. I like to take my time. I save my legit workouts for afternoon when I have more energy; this is just an engine starter. I always end my run by jumping in the water; it really helps wake me up and I love the cold when I am all sweaty and hot.

8:15 – back home I make my breakfast. I don’t like to think too much about what I eat, so this is always the same every single day. I blend Vega One shake with almond milk, greens and hemp seeds. Tastes like a chocolate milk shake (perhaps only because it has been years since I have had a chocolate milkshake?) Along with my breakfast I have my supplements: turmeric and the reserveage ultra collagen booster. My husband and I usually play backgammon at this time and I always win.

8:45 – skincare time. I love the Dr Hauschka line, and I use the cream cleanser and clarifying toner. I then use the mad hippie vitamin C serum, followed by the rose day cream light by Dr Hauschka. I never wear makeup in my downtime. Nor my uptime for that matter… Too lazy. My hair is very low maintenance, I tend to ignore it and it just does its thing.

8:50 – When it comes to dressing myself, I tend to either get into my workout clothes for the day, or keep it very simple in jeans and a vintage T-shirt. Weather permitting I love a sweet vintage dress. I recently bought my first pair of converse and I’m wondering what took me so long to get on board – they’re the best!

And there you have it, my dream morning. This may happen only a few times a week (because, life) but when I get to do it, I feel the results all day.