Bridget Bites : My Feelings On Plastic Surgery

Bridget Bites : My Feelings On Plastic Surgery


How do you feel about Botox and fillers that so many young girls seem to be doing? Do you feel at this point in your life pressure to fill in lips or enhance your looks?


Hi! Thank you for your question.

Personally I have zero interest in getting anything altered on my face or body. And this does not come from a place of impenetrable body confidence – far from it. I have had countless genius’s online point out that I am flat chested (WAIT WHAT I HAD NO IDEA!! Haha) or that my face is boring, or that my lips are thin. I definitely cop the most flak for my chest, as apparently not having a D cup makes you a boy. My vagina and ovaries beg to differ; however I digress. It used to hurt to read those comments and articles, and once upon a time I did think about possibly getting implants. This thinking lasted about five minutes – I have zero desire to change my body to fit in with societies idea of how a woman should be.

I personally hate the way women get told to diminish in size to be “sexy”. I hate that now it is considered sexy to have boobs and a large butt, and yet still fit into a size 0. So in a similar vein, I’m not a fan of how young women feel the need to cling to the illusion of youth and the power that brings by getting fillers, and due to the aforementioned criticism given to me throughout my life, I personally don’t quite understand who I would be pleasing by getting implants. There are just as many, if not more tabloids about nose jobs and breast implants than there are about flat chested women, and I feel like this is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  I truly wish that women were allowed to be happy with how they were born, and realize their individuality and unique power. This energy focused on outer appearance could be put to much better use – think of all the brain power that could be utilized once we free ourselves from this preoccupation with our appearance.

This last point rings extremely true to me. I spent way too many years of my life focused on my appearance. I would constantly check myself in mirrors, measure myself, compare myself and I would hide away from my friends; convinced that I was hideous and boring due to my un-curvy body, and “large” thighs. After a bad bout of panic attacks and anxiety, I realized I couldn’t keep this up anymore, and I decided to begin to move beyond my outer image. And once I did this, my life opened up in so many ways. My modeling career took off, I fell in love with my husband, I began to study, I developed a meditation practice, my health increased dramatically, and I got strong in every possible way. In other words, I built a life.

You will never catch me judging another woman. After an experience like the one I just described, I have a lot of empathy for what women get put through by society. We get a huge amount of pressure heaped on us, and individuation is incredibly hard. Sometimes it takes years and years of attempts before we free ourselves from our shackles, and I wish that women were more supportive of other women. I love my work environment; I have been supported by the most amazing groups of strong women (and men), and have worked with teams and brands where female strength is the brand message. However when I get online, the waters get a little murkier. I would love to see less gossip and hate online, and more support and love.

At the end of the day, your body belongs only and ever to you. If you feel the need to alter your looks, then I am never, ever, going to judge you for it, and I acknowledge the power of choice in this circumstance. However, I wish there was more of an investigation into why women feel the need to do this – especially at a young age. If I had my way I would ban any plastic surgery under the age of 18, and have every procedure preceded by a few months of counseling. But to each their own; and if plastic surgery brings you happiness and confidence, then I support you in your choice!


Peace and love,