Foods I eat everyday

I am a habitual eater. I like to eat simple whole foods, and would happily live off the same foods every day if allowed. I try to follow my natural hunger cues, but I find that I eat the following foods every day.

1. Beets

These are a superfood in my eyes - they help to fight inflammation, high in nutrients and fiber, are anti carcinogenic, and the deep color means they are integral for detoxification. They are also my secret weapon for my workouts; I like to use them for my stamina and recovery time. Have a google to read the studies done on them in the athletic realm.

2. Berries

I love to use them for sweetness in smoothies as i avoid most sweeteners for allergy reasons. They are high in nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals - all of which help to slow aging and are anti carcinogenic in nature.

3. Coffee

This may not be right for everyone; it all depends on whether you are a fast or slow metabolizer of caffeine ( and you can find out via - genome testing). I am a fast metabolizer and I subsequently reap the benefits of a higher caffeine intake. I average around three black cups a day, which helps to protect again liver disease and cancer, Parkinson’s disease and heart disease.

4. Mushrooms

I eat all kinds, and they are a high source of iron, Vitamin D; as well as being anti carcinogenic and helpful for your immune system. 

5. Seaweed

I love Hijiki and Wakame, and eat it every day. Seaweed is high in vitamins and minerals, and are essential for maintaining thyroid health.

6. Fermented food

I eat probiotic rich kimchi or pickled vegetables at most meals, to help support my digestion and gut flora. My digestion is weak at best, but I have found since including these in my diet it has improved vastly. 

Along with the foods listed I also eat a huge amount of vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits of all colors, shapes and sizes. I am veggie obsessed :)