Bridget Bites : Your ten top books

Bridget Bites : Your ten top books


Hi Bridget, I follow you on instagram and on snapchat and I see you read a lot of books. As an avid book reader myself, I was wondering if you either could list maybe 10 of your "must read" books or maybe have a separate page just for book recommendations? I would really appreciate it. (ps. I'm thrilled you started a blog besides your tumblr, you seem like a genuinely kind person who is very self-aware.


This is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration - I have been playing with the idea of a weekly book review and you have provided me with the kick to start it off :) but for you I will do a list here of my ten favorite books....


1. Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

I tell everyone to read this book. It's an incredible/unbelievable story based on the authors life, and I love the way he writes. It's a story of being on the run, and of self discovery through India and the overpowering humanity there. Don't be awed by the size, you won't be able to put it down.


2. Autobiography of a yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

This is a favorite of mine. It's an almost unbelievable autobiography of an extremely inspiring man who brought yoga to the west in the 60's. You need to read it to believe it.


3. The blue zones - Dan Buettner

Dan is a National Geographic reporter, and this book is the result of his studies of the areas of the world where people live for the longest with the least incidence of lifestyle diseases. I love the message that the book gives - it isn't a superfood or a workout that provides a long fruitful life; simply love, family, purpose, and a mostly plant-based diet.


4. The grapes of wrath - John Steinbeck

This is a story of a families travels west in search of work during the Great Depression. It is a tale of the search for humanity in a hopeless situation, and of the strength of the bonds of family when there is nothing else left. 


5. The Bhagavad Gita

I've been fascinated by eastern religion, and this poem is the root of a lot of their beliefs and philosophies. It is a really good guide for how to approach aspects of your life mentally - I use it as a map for my mental talk.


6. The his dark materials trilogy - Philip Pullman

This is hands down my favorite children's book (sorry Harry Potter and lord of the rings) and I will never understand why they didn't do a better job on the movie! It's a fantasy trilogy about a young girl living in a world a lot like ours, and it follows her through other worlds, and into her coming of age. It's good stuff!


7. The sun also rises - Hemingway

I love the way Hemingway writes, and this is probably my favorite book by him. It's a story of a group of expatriates through 1920's Paris (a fascinating time and place) and into Spain; in a post world war 1 setting it is a story of disillusionment and unrequited love. 


8. Roald Dahl collected short stories 

Man this guy is a great writer. I grew up on his writing, and his stories are so wicked, twisted and strange. I enjoy his short stories and read them a lot when I don't have the energy/focus to get into a large book. 


9. Little bee - Chris Cleave

This book will make you cry. It made me bawl, but it's an incredible read. The writing is impeccable and the story is extremely relevant and haunting - it is about asylum seekers in the U.K. This is an issue that requires more education to the general public, and this is a fantastic way to get a very human look into detention centers and refugees.


10. Literally any book by Hunter S. Thompson

I have read all his books and loved them all. Read them all. He's hilarious and I highly doubt there ever has or will be another human like him on the planet.


Peace and Love,