Bridget Bites : On Self Attitude & Transitioning To Vegan

Bridget Bites : On Self Attitude & Transitioning To Vegan


Tips for being vegan? I want but I can't stop eating cookies and cupcakes 🙄 and another question is how can I be more productive? I'm a dreamer but I am really lazy and always I have fear and I hate me for being that way. Btw love u


Hi there! Thanks for your questions.

Before I answer your questions, I want to address your attitude to yourself… Everyone gets lazy, and everyone gets scared. I hate to say it, but you’re not special in that regard! However, it is how you deal with the laziness and fear that is the most important thing. Hating yourself can become a really nasty cycle that you need to work to break free from. For example: You put off doing something. You call yourself lazy. You hate yourself for being lazy. You justify your laziness through your hate. On and on it goes.

I really want you to try and nip this behavior in the bud. Next time you start to berate yourself, I want you to acknowledge the nasty thoughts, and try to figure out where they came from. Was a parent overly critical of you when you were younger and wanted to play? Maybe it stems from a nasty boss at work. Once you are able to pinpoint where these negative emotions come from, you realize that they didn’t come from you at all. They have been imprinted in your brain for a long time – and that they actually don’t belong to you. That is someone else’s negativity and hate. This is the most empowering realization; you don’t have to hang onto something that doesn’t belong to you. You can let it go, and create new thought patterns in your head. Thought patterns that are true to you, and allow you to become the person you want to be; not the person someone else thought you were.

If you are a dreamer, then that’s awesome! Nations need dreamers and introverts to survive. It may not seem that way - in this extroverted planet – but dreamers come up with the ideas necessary for life. I say harness this aspect of you. Allow time each day to dream; try journaling, or starting a blog. Any way to get your ideas down works. Stop hating yourself for who you are, and start embracing it! The world needs people like you, you are rare and important. For the record, I am also an introvert and have beaten myself up many times for not being the socially comfortable extrovert that everyone else seems to be. Embracing my strengths lead to much more life satisfaction and general happiness. You’ve got this!

Anyway, back to your questions 😀

I am very well accomplished at putting off things that need to be done. I think all humans are at some point in their lives. But I have learned to combat that procrastination through the power of habit. A few weeks of struggle and forcing yourself to show up for yourself; and suddenly the struggle disappears. Here are a few pointers that really helped me get a hold on this!


Write a list of everything that you need to get done.
If it is school, work, general life stuff, write it down. I have so many running lists, and find that it really helps get things done for me. I get a lot of satisfaction deleting things to do from my notes in my phone, and it puts tasks in perspective.


Prioritize said list depending on due dates/ necessity.
If it can wait a few days, great. If it needs to get done a.s.a.p, put it at number one.


As soon as you wake up, do the most pressing thing.
I wake up early (around 5:30) and as soon as I wake, I meditate. I know myself, and if I don’t do it straight away, I wont do it. Meditation helps set me on the right path for the day – having achieved that I feel ready to tackle my next set of tasks.


Use your mornings effectively.
I always write or do work for my Bachelor’s straight after meditation, and find it very easy to crank out a few posts, or get through an essay or lecture. Your mind hasn’t been exhausted first thing; you haven’t had to make any decisions yet, so it is focused and sharp. Make the most of this!


After you have ticked a few of your most important items off, create a skeleton plan for the afternoon.
I usually get tired by the afternoon, so I schedule textbook reading and assignment brainstorming times for then.


Stay off social media.
I know I talk about this all the time, but social media makes you feel like everyone around you is achieving much more than they actually are. Just focus on you.


Take breaks!
Any study time over 1.5 hours for me is wasted time. Know yourself, and allow new information to marinate.


Meditate, exercise.
These habits build a sense of self-achievement and confidence; and help you to live longer. Plus they put thoughts in perspective. The effects of these habits ripple out into every day life.

I hope that helped! Ok, over to the first part of your question, tips on being vegan.

First off – address the question of why. Having a strong relationship with your reason for doing something helps to cultivate the habit of keeping it up. Is it for health reasons, animal welfare, or maybe environmental? Whatever your reason, educate yourself. Watch documentaries like “What the Health” or “Earthlings”. Then once you are truly aware of your reason, educate yourself on a healthy vegan diet. Build your awareness of the vitamins you need to be diligent about getting in your diet (calcium, iron with vitamin C, vitamin D, omega-3, B12) and what this means for your eating. A junk food vegan does nobody any good.

You mention not being able to stop eating cookies and cupcakes. Try baking your own, vegan versions! You can find a huge amount of recipes online that taste amazing. I’ve fed skeptical family members vegan deserts and not told them – they didn’t even notice. So while you’re getting used to this new lifestyle, try finding vegan versions of your favorite foods. Transition slowly – remember it is progress over perfection! Celebrate the little changes you make every single day and don’t beat yourself up over the slips. Everyone makes mistakes. It is how we bounce back from them that count.

I hope this helps a bit 😀 You’ve got this!