Bridget Bites : That Damn Hip Measurement

Bridget Bites : That Damn Hip Measurement


Hi Bridget! I've been following your modeling story for a long time now and you totally rock! I'm 16 and am signed with an agency in a small town and decided to be vegan 6 months ago. I absolutely love it and have lost some weight but I'm having trouble getting my hip measurements down. They are 37 inches. I do ballet often and work out pretty much every day. Do you have any tips on how do slim down for modeling? Thanks love!


Ahhh the dreaded hip measurement. That is my problem one too – the rest of me stays easily in shape but my hips have always been a source of confusion to me. Unfortunately there is no way to spot reduce when it comes to losing weight. Your body shape is what it is, you will be smaller and larger, but you will always have the same basic shape.

It took me a very long time to accept this fact. I hated my body for the longest time, and I felt like I was in a war with it. I would regularly wish that I could swap an inch off my hips and add it to my small chest, and would stare jealously at other women’s thin legs and small, easily achieved 34 inch hips. I was in a state of constant comparison and would spend hours looking in mirrors – praying that my hips magically one day would be smaller. So I guess the first thing that I did was I made the decision to step away from this thinking. This was by far the hardest thing for me, and took a long time, but I began to see my body as my friend and vehicle, and not something to be in a war with.

Losing weight is about 90 percent diet, and 10 percent workout. Workouts are fantastic for making you live a long time and feel great – but it all comes down to what you are eating. I would recommend you keep a food diary for a few days and be completely honest with what you are actually eating and drinking, and what time you consume these things. This is an interesting habit – you always learn something! Maybe it will become apparent that you actually eat sugar on a daily basis, or are focusing too much on refined carbohydrates. Or maybe you are just eating too much overall. Maybe you drink a gallon of coke a day and just needed to see it in writing. I hope this isn’t the case!

Next I would make sure your diet isn’t too heavy on the sources mentioned above. Steer clear of added sugars and refined carbohydrates – stick to sources like quinoa. And make sure you know how much a serving is! It is usually smaller than you think. I like to get my starches in from sweet potatoes and beets, as they have beneficial nutrients as well as being a good source of fuel. When I am looking to lose a bit of weight I focus on having 20 grams of protein with each meal; be it from protein powders (I love Vega), tofu or lentils. I pair this with a big plate of vegetables – cooked in olive oil. In between meals I like to snack on nuts as they are high in fat, a good source of fiber and have a fair amount of protein – just what you want for satiety! I also eat an avocado a day for my hair, skin and nails. 

As far as workouts are concerned, do what makes you feel good, and doesn’t make you starving. When I added in resistance training I noticed my hips stayed smaller. Building muscle builds up your metabolism – plus it makes you look toned! Maybe check out Body By Simone online, or find a coach who can help you with lifting weights.

A few other points!

  • Try meditating. It will help with stress control, and stress is directly related to your weight.

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night

  • Drink a load of water

Finally, one meal a week (I usually go for Saturday night) eat a meal that you have been craving. This is not a binge – try to go for a meal out with friends and enjoy the social aspect. This is a treat meal, not a cheat meal, and it is supposed to be a source of joy, a way to help relieve the pressure of being careful the other 95 percent of the week. Weirdly it also spikes your metabolism and you end up losing more weight after which is interesting – but it only works if you have been super healthy during the week!

Best of luck to you – I hope this helps.