What did you want to do before modeling?

What did you want to do before modeling?


I can't believe you're from South Fremantle! That's where I'm from... small world!! Before you were scouted, what career were you looking at getting into? Also, have you got any tips and or advice about how to get started in the modelling industry?? Xx


South Freo represent!!! I miss it a lot, literally nowhere like it in the world. I’m sure you go to Little Lefroy’s. I may be a touch homesick right now!

I got scouted at 14 and really had no idea what I wanted to do. I was rotating through the ideas of possibly being a nuclear technician (as I loved physics) or an oboist. I still want to be an oboist actually, maybe in my second life!

I have answered the tips or tricks part in my FAQ section – how to start in modeling.

Best of luck to you!! 


Peace and Love,